Christmas Party 2013 Report!


Hi everyone!

On December 5, we had a big Christmas Party at Nishitetsu Grand Hotel!  More than 140 people participated, had good foods, and enjoyed the game and lottery.  Also Santa brought presents for kids!

It's Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society's biggest event of the year.  Many people were looking forward to it. 

Every year, many Aussie who live in Fukuoka join the party and deepen exchange with member s of our society.

The party started with welcome speech by our chairman, Shingo Matsuo.

会長2013クリパ.JPG  サンタクロース2013☆.jpg

Next, the Australian Consul General, Mr. Tom Yates made a speech and toast.

    リース.jpg     総領事2013クリパ.JPG

The best part of the party might be food.  To get the feel of Australia, we served 160 meat pies ordered from TOYOBO restaurant.  There are 3 kinds of meat pies, Beef, Cream, and Curry.  Hot and fresh meat pies are so delicious!

We also served many dishes made of ingredients imported from Australia such as salmon, beef, lamb, and shrimp.  Not to mention, wines are from Australia.

ミートパイ2013クリパ.JPG  ホテル2013クリパ.JPG  料理2013クリパ.JPG 
歓談①2013クリパ.JPG  歓談②2013クリパ.JPG  歓談③2013クリパ.JPG 
歓談④2013クリパ.JPG  歓談⑤2013クリパ.JPG  歓談⑥2013クリパ.JPG 

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas~!"
As we enjoying the dinner, Santa came in and brought presents for kids!!  Kids were so happy to see him♪  This year, Santa came from Sydney in Australia!

ツリー.jpg  サンタ②2013クリパ.JPG 

This year's game was "Two-up".  Rule is simple.
Players choose whether the coins will both come down heads or tails.  People compete in pairs. One is the “Spinner” who throws the coins and the other call heads or tails.  If you guessed correctly you win. If you are wrong the spinner wins.  If the coins fall with one head and one tail there is no result and you must spin again. However if there is no result 5 times in a row you both lose.  It is a tournament with the winner going on to the next round.  32 people participated and they enjoyed it.

We had many gifts from corporate members like every year.  We used them for the game prize and lottery.  Thank you for the cooperation.

This year, fifty people won the lottery and got great gifts, such as…autographed balls or bats of baseball players, the Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks, and white wines, the ticket for Imari-beef, the pair of dinner tickets,  gift certificate, Lladro doll and so on…Congratulations for winners!!

ゲーム①2013クリパ.JPG  ゲーム②2013クリパ.JPG  抽選2013クリパ.JPG 

Two-hours passed quickly, but it was so much fun!  People went home with happy face:)

For participants, thank you very much for coming to our Christmas Party!

We wish you all for a wonderful Christmas, and all the best for the New Year☆