2004 Brauer交流団来福 生徒たちのアンケート


~ Brauer来福生徒たちのアンケートから抜粋 ~



  • I think the friendly people was what impressed me!
  • Everybody is so generous!
  • Meeting Chikasa Yuki & Yuko at the Airport
    ^-^ & Ramen! Yummy& Fun!!!
  • The size of the buildings & friendliness of the people.
  • What impressed me most was how nice the people were.
  • The friendliness of the people at school.


  • Everyone was very Friendly,
  • Clean!
  • I thougt it was interesting and really big..
  • A great school with wondereful teachers and friendly students.
  • It was much bigger than I'm used to but still I didn't get lost.
  • Very good!?@すごい!
  • Nice people & Teachers.



  • No!!!!!
  • No, except maybe just to have a little look in Fukuoka Dome.
  • Kimono, getting dressed up & photos.
  • Only a 100 Yen Shop
  • I was happy with what I did,but I still would like to go to a 100えん Shop.
  • I was happy with what we did because it was a big day.


  • English class,Tea ceremony,Japanese, Calligraphy,Cleaning,Kendo,Science, Homeroom,Music, Flower arrangement, Origami, Visit 1 Buddhist temple.
  • Orientation, Writing..
  • Met lot of new friends!
  • At the school, we introduced ourselves to Japanese Junior High school students.


  • Great, I wish I could've tried All the food.
  • Food:Yummy and delicious!!
    Culture:Very traditional and different!!!
  • My family mixed Japanese and Western food together, so it was good!!
  • The food was a bit strange but nice. The culture was really interesting and a good learning experience.
  • Some of the Japanese food I didn't like, but I was glad to experience something different.


  • One of the best experiences in my life. Getting to know each other.
  • Interesting to see how their routine is different to ours.
  • Talking with the family (In Japanese and English)Because I could practice my Japanese. It is a little better now. And going shoppings.
  • On the weekend we went to Dazaifu and to a language festival
  • Great!!! Very kind! Went sightseeing and shopping!
  • I recommend this trip to everyone. It is a great experience and it's lots of fun.
  • たのしかったです。Grape/Kaki fruit picking., Pottery, Visit granma.