The Rules of the Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society

Name of the Society

Article 1
The Society is called Fukuoka Japan Australia Society.

Object of the Society

Article 2
The objective of the Society is to promote cultural and sports exchange and to promote friendly relationship between Japan and Australia.  In order to achieve the objective, the Society shall hold various events.


Article 3
The Society shall have a secretariat.
The office of the secretariat shall be established at Space Cube Bldg 3F, 1-7-11, Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.

Members and Membership Fees

Article 4
The categories of the members are Corporate Member, Individual Member, Family Member, Student Member, Aussie Individual Member, and Aussie Family Member.

Annual membership fees are as follows:
Corporate Member                      \30,000/year
Individual Member                       \ 5,000/year
Family Member                           \10,000/year
Student Member                         \ 2,000/year
Aussie Individual Member            \ 2,000/year
Aussie Family Member                \ 5,000/year

Becoming a Member

Article 5
To become a member, the directors have to approve.

Disqualification for Membership

Article 6

Members will lose the qualification of the membership under the following circumstances:
(1)   When they withdraw from the Society
(2)   When they die, or their organization no longer exists
(3)   When they fail to pay membership fee for more than two years
(4)   When they disgrace or discredit the Society, or disrupt the order of the Society


Article 7
The Society will establish the following posts.
Chairman                          1
Vice chairman                  few
Director                           few
Auditors                           2
Secretary-General            1

Duties of the Officers

Article 8
Chairman will represent and supervise the Society.
Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman.
Directors will deliberate the duties.
Auditors will audit the accounts

Term of Officers

Article 9
Term of Officers will be two years. But they will be eligible for reelection.

Honorary Chairman, Honorary Advisor and Advisors

Article 10
The Society may appoint a Honorary Chairman, a Honorary Advisor and Advisors.
Honorary Chairman, Honorary Adviser and Advisers are delegated from the Chairman.
The Chairman delegates the task to Honorary Chairman, Honorary Advisor and Advisors after the approval of the Directors.
Honorary Chairman, Honorary Adviser and Advisers respond to the Chairman’s consultation about conducting the Society.

General Meeting

Article 11
The Chairman convenes the General Meeting once a year. The following matters will be resolved:
(1) Activities plan
(2) Approval of budget and account
(3) Election of officers
(4) Other important matters
Decision at the General Meeting is made by majority.
General Meeting may be convened when chairman considered necessary.

Term of Honorary Chairman, Honorary Adviser and Advisers

Article 12
Term of Honorary Chairman, Honorary Advisor and Advisors will be two years. But they will be eligible for reelection.

Board Meeting

Article 13
Directors comprise the Board, and the Chairman convenes it as needed.
Board deliberates the important matters of the General Meeting, activities of the Society, and qualification of the membership.

Execution of Management

Article 14
Execution of management will be deliberated and decided in Board meeting.
The Secretariat may hold the Committee Meeting for the efficient management of the Society.


Article 15
The Society’s budget consists of membership fees, donated money, grant, and other revenue resulting from activities.
Article 16
Financial year of the Society will start on 1st April every year and end on 31st March of the following year.

Other Matters

Article 18
In addition to articles mentioned in this Rules, matters necessary for the management of the Society will be deliberated and decided by the Board.

Supplementary Provision

The above Rules shall be effective on and after 12th May, 2009.

(Final revision made on 12th May, 2009)