Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society is seeking members now!! Membership is open to any people (Aussie, Japanese, people with an interest in Australia) who agree to the purpose of the Society. Please fill out the form and send to us by FAX or E-mail. We are always happy to accept new members!!!

Membership Fees

Corporate Member \30,000 / year
Individual Member \5,000 / year Aussie Individual Member \2,000 / year
Family Member \10,000 / year Aussie Family Member \5,000 / year
Student Member \2,000 / year

Payment Recipient

【Account Identifier】 Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society (Fukuoka Nichigo Kyokai)
Bank of Fukuoka(福岡銀行) Account:2507134
Nishi-Nippon City Bank(西日本シティ銀行) Account:1005750
Japan Post Bank(ゆうちょ銀行) 17490-2398791