Event Information

 Members are invited to participate in arranged cultural exchanges with Australia. Also various events and social gatherings are organized for members and non-members on a regular basis.
 Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society organizes many events that allow you to feel the essence of Australia while staying here in Fukuoka. If you have any opinions or ideas, please let me know. New ideas could trigger new events!!!

General Meeting

General meeting are held once a year. The following resolution’s are made.

  1. Activities Plan
  2. Approval of budget and closing account
  3. Election of board members
  4. Other important affairs


After the general meeting, is held. Invite someone to give a lecture.

Australia Wine & Cheese Tasting Party

 Wine & Cheese Tasting Party is held as General meeting’s get together once a year. As the Evening Functions are popular with Corporate Members and their guests. They offer opportunities to meet other members in a relaxed atmosphere, with tasty wine and cheese.

Youth Exchange Program

 The Youth Exchange has played an important part in furthering the aim of increased understanding and friendship between the two countries. It is more than 10 years to visit to Brauer College in Warrnambool, Victoria. So far there has been more than 150 Fukuoka junior and senior high school students, that have visited and experienced classes, home stay activities and have had contact with nature and animals. Exchanges occur around July -August each year at Brauer College. They can spend special times. Fukuoka Japan- Australia Society prepares the special schedule that it is not possible to experience in a usual tour.

The Fukuoka Japan-Australia Society receives and entertains Brauer Youth Delegation Visitors around September each year, and there has been more than 10 visits this year. This mutual exchange is an activity which brings close cultural, social and personal contact between the people of Japan and Australia.

Annual Tennis Day & BBQ Party

 The Tennis day is held once a year, as well as the BBQ Party which is held along with Brauer Delegation’s farewell party

Annual Christmas Party

 The Christmas Party is held at a city hotel around December each year and we continue to have the distinguished patronage of the Consul-General and many corporate members. This is followed by a dinner and various attractions (games, lottery and…) which are popular with not only children but also adults.