Report on the Chrismas Party 2023


On 21 December, the 2023 our Christmas Party was held at the Hotel New Otani Hakata.
After four years, the party finally had no limits!
We welcomed around 100 guests amidst a slide projection showing the activities of the Fukuoka Japan Australia Society over the past year.

Guests of honour included Consul-General Trevor Holloway from the Australian Consulate in Osaka and  Michael Newman Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner from the NSW State Government. We also received a heart-warming message from the Australian Embassy.

After the opening ceremony, Chairman Uryu spoke about the achievements of Australian and Japanese athletes at this year's World Swimming Championships, the resumption of our youth homestay programme after a three-year absence, and his hope that Australia-Japan relations will continue to deepen in the future.
Consul-General Holloway gave a toast and talk on the monthly increase in the number of visitors from Australia to Japan and an enjoyable episode from his visit to Fukuoka this year.

Chairman Uryu                                       Consul-General Trevor Holloway   

After the toast, a message from the Embassy was read out on behalf of the Embassy and greetings were given by Mr Michael Newman. He spoke about the prospects for further exchange between NSW and Fukuoka.

Mr Michael Newman, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner North Asia

Slide presentation and  reports of the delegation that visited Australia in August this year was given.

We provided Australian food and wine in a standing buffet style. Everyone enjoyed the meal while listening to a performance of Christmas songs by the Kyushu Electric Power Company Brass Band.

After the brass band's performance, a quiz competition was held by students who visited Brower College, Warrnambool, Victoria, on youth homestay programme this year. The students each came up with a Ture or False quiz about Australia and Brower College. It was a great time of fun and excitement for the participants. 


And, as is customary this time, Father Christmas made an appearance! The children were happy to receive the Santa's presents.


At the raffle, the winners were delighted to receive their prizes.
Consul General Holloway assisted  drew the lots at the end, and also handed over the prizes to the lucky winners.


All prizes were provided by FJAS members.
We would like to thank all our members for their sponsorship!!

Finally, this year's Christmas party ended on a high note with closing remarks from the member of Fukuoka prefectural assembly Mr Higuchi.

Mr Higuchi from Fukuoka prefectural assembly 


Thank you to everyone who attended the event!

We would like to thank all those who have supported our activities  in 2023 and look forward to working with you again in 2024.
We wish you have a ripper New Year!