2018 Brauer交流団来福のご報告

開催:2018年6月29日~2018年7月 5日

「中高生ホームステイ交流プログラム」で毎年お世話になっているビクトリア州ウォーナンブール、ブラウワー・カレッジ交流団の皆さんが、今年も来福 しました。今回の交流団は、ブラウワーでの学期休みを利用して福岡と神奈川県三浦市でホームステイを行うもので、引率の教師を含めた5名が6月29日 (金)から7月5日(木)までの一週間、福岡に滞在しました。


・ Andrea Sampson (日本語教師、国際交流担当)
・ Brooke Gent (日本語教師、国際交流担当)

・  Guan Bright (高1)                              ・ Jaimie Sagnol (高1)
・ Bridie McDonough (高1)                     ・ Rachel Johnstone (高1)
・ Jaydel Osborne (高1)



IMG_1913.JPG   IMG_1921.JPG   IMG_1928.JPG
太宰府天満宮   和文化体験   ウェルカムパーティー
IMG_1935.JPG   IMG_1937.JPG    IMG_1938.JPG
佐賀にて   佐賀にて   記念撮影





About Fukuoka

・Fukuoka was very nice, the city felt homely and was clean and pretty.
・Very good, reminded me of Melbourne.
・I loved it!  Fukuoka is a beautiful city and I'm sad I will have to leave.
・The weather was very hot and humid though but at night time it is cooler and the streets are buzzing with an amazing atmosphere.
・We went to many places such as the owl cafe, onsen, and had sushi and ramen and so much more.  All the places were different and interesting.

・We went to Fukuoka Tower, shopping and the beach.  Fukuoka tower at night time was really beautiful. You get an amazing view and the lights which were really fun to look at.

About Fukuoka Maizuru High school

・The classes were interesting and I enjoyed them all.  I got to do everything I wanted.
・Fun and very interesting concept, really different to Australia.
・The students were all really nice and happy.
・The school classes were really fun and interesting although I did have trouble understanding what the teachers were saying.
・I really enjoyed cooking and calligraphy the most although everything was really fun. 

About Home-stay with Host Family

・I enjoyed staying with the host family so much.  We did everything and more!  Words can't express my gratitude.
・They were so kind and loving and I felt a part of the family.  We did lots of fun things and they were always making sure I was OK and comfortable.
・Thank you so much for having me stay.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.
・Thank you so much for giving me such a caring and welcoming environment.  I enjoyed everything we did together and I would love to meet you all again!

About Japanese Meals

・Amazing, there was lots of diversity.
・The meals were delicious.  Everything I had was something new and something I would definitely eat again. 
・They were different but really good.