2013 Brauer交流団受入れ 生徒たちのアンケート



About Fukuoka

・Big, beautiful, very clean streets.
・It's very large with many different things to do.
・It is a very nice city.
・It is big and hot.
・It was so big and crowded.
・Big and hot.
・It was big, busy and has great landscapes.
・It was a very nice city.
・It's a very big city, with many things to do.

About Fukuoka Maizuru High school

・Welcoming, people were friendly, clean, big.
・Impressive, positive atmosphere.
・I loved going to Maizuru High school.
・It is very clean and beautiful.  Everything is so organised.
・It was really clean and tidy and the students were really friendly and welcoming.
・It was really clean, and beautiful.  The teachers and students were all really nice
  and I enjoyed my time here.
・Clean, big, lots of students in one class.
・Very happy atmosphere.
・I liked it very much.

About Home-stay

・Fun, interesting.
・I loved it.
・It was a lot of fun.
・It was really good.  My host family were amazing.
・I loved it a lot.