2010 Brauer交流団来福 生徒たちのアンケート


~ Brauer来福生徒たちのアンケートから抜粋 ~

About Fukuoka

  • Fukuoka is very big.
  • All the buildings were amazing.
  • My first impression was that it was very hot and very beautiful.
  • The fact that there are few public toilets and bins.
  • It's very big and very different from Warrnambool.

About the Fukuoka Maizuru High-school

  • It is very orderly. The school is big and the uniforms are cute.
  • I met so many wonderful staff and students.
  • It was very big compared to Brauer, and the uniforms are cute, but much stricte.
  • It's a lot bigger than Brauer, and it is a lot cleaner.

About Home-stay

  • Very good. Excellent.
  • Amazing. I couldn't wish for a different family.
  • Very good!!
  • It was very very fun!!