2008 Brauer交流団来福 生徒たちのアンケート


~ Brauer来福生徒たちのアンケートから抜粋 ~

About Fukuoka

  • I thought Fukuoka was an amazing city, with lots of interesting modern and cultural things to do.
  • Very big and beautiful place and very colorful
  • It was pretty, so much to see
  • Amazing!! It's an incredible place. Very hot.
  • A beautiful city with friendly people. We all had so much fun that I don't want to leave.
  • Vibrant - Clean - Friendly - Very helpful - Hot/Humid - Great railway system
  • Exciting - so much to see. Hot and Humid. Busy.
  • It was a great city to visit. My first impressions was how clean and friendly it was. It was also a very safe place to visit.
  • Fukuoka is very different compared to Australia so the city unique and exciting. Loved the Vending Machine!!

About the Fukuoka Maizuru High-school

  • Very friendly and welcoming!! Very clean.
  • Very big and the people are very friendly.
  • Interesting very interesting.
  • Good. Very different to Australia. The canteen is awesome.
  • Very friendly place. All staff and students were very welcoming & eager to talk English to us. They, in turn, were also eager to help us with our Japanese.
  • Very nice.
  • Very impressed. High standard - discipline & education. Very clean and students well presented.
  • Very clean and all students and stuff very friendly. Great facilities and canteen.
  • Very cool. Interesting.

About Home-stay

  • It was really fun.
  • Very good. My family was very nice and welcoming.
  • It was very fun. They were so kind to me.
  • Good. It was just a lot of fun!
  • It was so much fun. My family was very generous & kind. They made me feel part of the family the moment I walked in the house. My host mother is an amazing cook.
  • Very good. We were made to feel very welcomed.
  • Small house. We had no privacy. But very nice. Made us feel very welcome - mother very good.
  • My home-stay was great. My family was very friendly and very informative. My host mother is very helpful and a wonderful cook.
  • It was very enjoying and felt as though I was at home.
  • Good. I had fun.