2007 Brauer交流団来福 生徒たちのアンケート


~ Brauer来福生徒たちのアンケートから抜粋 ~

 About Fukuoka

  • A big, beautiful city! but a little noisey compared to Warrnambool.
  • It was a very nice city to visit, but it was a bit hot.
  • It is very beautiful and busy. It was very hot at times.
  • Too hot!!
  • Fukuoka is a very busy and big place. The people of Fukuoka are very nice and the city is very welcoming.
  • Pretty and nice. Bigger than I expected. Lots of shops!!

 About Fukuoka Maizuru High School

  • Big and friendly.
  • It had lots of friendly people.
  • It is very nice, very big!!
  • The school of Maizuru was very accomodating and everyone is very nice and kind! It's a big school.
  • Very big!!! Happy people, nice!!

 About Home-stay

  • One of the greatest experiences of my life.
  • Very fun. Very nice.
  • It was great, very fun.
  • Awesome!! I want to come back next year!!
  • My homestay was very enjoyable and I felt very safe and looked after!! Thank you so much!!!
  • fun!! Very good!!