2002 Brauer交流団来福 生徒たちの感想から

開催:2002年9月18日~2002年10月 1日

~ Brauer来福生徒たちの感想文から抜粋 ~

  • Homestay was excellent. Treated me like I was part of the famiIy.
    I want to live in Japan someday.
  • After a few days, I became acustomed to eating raw fish and lots of rice.
    It was a wonderefulexperience to get a taste for something new and exciting.
  • The students were much friendlier than Brauer. The staff and teachers at Maizuru created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  • What I impressed the most was the politeness and good nature of the students at Maizuru.
  • Thank you for all the great time in Japan!!!
  • I Ioved visiting FUKUOKA and only wish I could have stayed longer ! I will return ! ! ! ! !
  • First day was scary. My host family made me very welcome. The museum was interesting. The school was very different. Everyone was obeident, polite and friendly.
  • I Ioved being greated at the gate every morning ! Also, all of students and teachers were very friendly + welcoming. The class sizes were very big and I got a little tired of all the stairs ! ! !
  • The culture was very beautiful and relaxing. The food was very different but there was not anything that I did not enjoy eating.


  • I was impressed by how many people rode bikes. Also the weather was really impressive. The kindness was amazing everyone so nice.
  • It was a good way to spend first day in Japan. As we were as a group and were still trying to settle into the difference in Japan.
  • I hope to come back soon ! ! ! ☆=